Photo compositions by Donna Turner

also featuring photo books, digital video
& concrete poetry by various artists.
Opens September 8, 12-8 pm
On view Saturdays & Sundays 12-6 pm and by appointment
through October 7th


September will be devoted to pattern in photography. Inspired by the kaleidoscopic images created by Donna Turner for Beacon’s Windows on Main St. project, we’ve brought her work into the reading room where individual elements of her larger construction can be viewed in detail.

Also on view are photo books by several photographers who employ or present pattern in their image making. Whether it’s observations of patterns in nature, random aspects of the built environment that give way to patterns, or patterns constructed by various mechanical means, the visual connections between these artists are fascinating and poetic.

And despite my “no screens” tendencies in the Reading Room, I’m delighted to present a variety of digital videos I’ve collected over the years that relate to the analog books on display. I was once a young experimental filmmaker on a similar path and am thrilled to see the sophisticated visual work done by contemporary media artists and how this new digital visual experimentation and its analog predecessors have strong correspondences. A revelation, and relevant to be viewed in context with these photo books.

There are some hands-on, interactive offerings to enjoy and supporting materials available for deeper dives into the world of pattern on display, so give yourself extra time to fully engage with this installation devoted to this special form of visual poetry.


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