Reverse Punctuation Constellations  

A collaboration between artist Melissa McGill

and writer Sam Anderson

Opens Saturday, October 13, 12-8 pm
On view Saturdays & Sundays 12-6 pm
Fridays by appointment, through November 4th, 2018

McGill image

          Eridanus (a-RID-a-nuss)  The river constellation   2016    (detail)


No.3 Reading Room & Photo Book Works is pleased to present works from Melissa McGill’s Constellation project, a large-scale sculptural installation that was installed around the ruins of Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island in the Hudson river near Beacon from June 2015October 2017.

 On view will be five works from the Reverse Punctuation Constellationsseries, a collaboration with the writer Sam Anderson who responded to Melissa’s public art project via typewritten quotes and original pieces. McGill marked the verso of the typewritten pages with graphite, pastel, watercolor, Sumi ink and charcoal, then punched out the periods, punctuation, pauses and/or spaces in the written works with a Japanese hole punch, creating new constellations resulting in two-sided pieces that are illuminated when light shines through the work.

Four of the series are framed with the painted side facing, yet the presence of the text and the “constellation” offer a strong presence with the text telegraphing in relief from behind, as though through clouds. There will be one piece that is specially framed to reveal both sides, along with full color postcards and votives of the island and castle ruin with laser-cut stars of Constellation transforming the two-dimensional image into a luminous experience when lit from behind (all are available for viewing and purchase).

Also available will be limited copies of McGill’s book Constellationby Princeton Architectural Press. A reader’s copy will be on hand, as well as books by several writers who have contributed to the text. Poets Richard Blanco, Tracy K. Smith, Edwin Torres and Jeffrey Yang, along with other authors who have contributed to, inspired or informed the Constellation project will also be available for viewing in the Reading Room.

Come celebrate the opening day of this new exhibit on Beacon’s Second Saturday, October 13th, open from noon- 8 pm, up through November 4th.




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