Light in the Darkness


Winter Snow Streetlights small

New Poetry & Photobooks for Winter Days


Opens Saturday, December 8th, 12-8 pm
On view Sunday, December 9th, 12-5 pm
Saturdays and Sundays, noon-6 pm
Wednesdays, 7-9 pm by appointment
Fridays noon-6 pm 
Through January 6th, 2019


December is the darkest month, when we dwell indoors and search for comforts against the cold. We begin to miss our dear ones and other habitats, so by the time the holidays arrive we are quite ready for outings, contact and news.

Of news, what is poetry but that which brings insights and truth, even if imaginary? What is a photobook but illuminations of places you’ve never been and the faces of total strangers that become increasingly more intimate and familiar with each reading?

This month’s selections include rare and out-of-print books, along with new selections from independent presses producing fascinating works that take you out of place and time, or illuminates the time and place you find yourself in. And, as this is the gifting season, there are an abundance of new and rare poetry and photobooks available for purchase at all price points, including local presses and international publishers.


The Floods book

The Floods by Joseph Wright


Juanan Requena book

Al Borde De Todo Mapa by Juanan Requena







New Poetry Titles from Wave Books


If you get cabin fever this month, come visit the Reading Room and browse. If you need something extraordinary and luminous for yourself or a loved one, there are many new experiences waiting for you and yours. It’s cozy and warm and the lights are on in the darkness. And for the month of December, I’ve added extra hours, especially for locals who don’t have to travel very far to get far away.

PBW at night

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